Our Courses
Developing and Writing Effective Policy, Procedures, Processes and Practices

Participants will learn about how to successfully manage individual, team and organizational performance and eliminate risks wherever possible, via developing, writing and implementing effective policy, standard operating procedures, processes and best practices. Participants will also discover how important enforcing good policy is, to both effective strategic and tactical operations within the organization.

Risks Management and Legal Defensibility

Law enforcement provides the opportunity for many high risks issues and situations to occur; thus, placing the entire agency and even individual officers into a variety of litigious situations. Learning how to identify these high risks concerns and how to effectively address and prevent them, is the focus of this course.

Ethical Decision Making for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement provides for a career full of legal, ethical and moral issues every day. Working in an environment of integrity and meeting the many challenges of law enforcement with a commitment to quality is paramount. Quality service is the focus of this seminar; with a concentration on value systems, corruption prevention, and providing attendees with a myriad of methods to prevent falling prey to the negative influences prevailing in our society today.

Strategic Planning and Management (Systems Approach)

Developing a realistic and usable strategic plan is paramount to utilizing an agency's limited resources in an efficient and effective fashion, capable of directing an agency's efforts and initiatives towards the attainment of the organization's mission. The “how to” develop an actual comprehensive strategic plan, will be the primary focus of this course.

Virtual Staff Ride: Battle of Gettysburg (Leadership Development)

Military staff rides have been utilized here in the United States since 1871, when General William Tecumseh Sherman, decided to use the battlefield as a leadership training ground. The Battle of Gettysburg has been used all over the world as an example, to metaphorically study decision making, leadership, and organizational dynamics, both individually and collectively. These same principles can be applied to the challenges facing law enforcement today, via advanced audio visual methods.

Conflict Management and
De-escalation Techniques

Understanding the criticality of effective interpersonal communication including “active listening” is paramount to both line level public safety officials and all leader’s success. Possessing the skill set and ability to successfully manage conflict and de-escalate a wide variety of dangerous situations is again critical to all in the public safety career field.

Leadership Development for First-line Supervisors

The development of an agency's current and future talent, is crucial to the viability of the agency in the 21st Century. This course is designed to assist participants in development of the skills, knowledge and abilities required to be a successful supervisor and manager in a law enforcement agency today.

Active Shooter, Armed Intruder Prevention and Response

In today’s environment of ever-increasing violence, this course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to possibly prevent, prepare for and respond to an active shooter, armed intruder or violent encounter. From identifying possible behavioral pre-indicators of potential shooters to knowing how to effectively prepare for and respond to a critical incident should it occur, is the ultimate goal of this course. The analysis and evaluation of current safety and security procedures currently in use, can also be undertaken if so designated by the client.